Our service goes beyond all limits.

Expect that we will bring you

Globally Competitive Subject Matter Experts with extensive international and local expertise on Banking and Financial Services, Real Estate, Commodity Trading, Contact Center Management, Insurance, Healthcare, Legal, Business Analytics, Data Management and Information Technology

Robust Human Capital Platform working in partnership with Clients, Operations and Management Teams in delivering strategic HR solutions within the scope of talent acquisition, retention, engagement and development bound by service level agreements and driven by corporate culture and values system

Complete and Reliable Infrastructure enabled for IT services for Contact Centers, BPOs and KPOs that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that can cater to over 1,000 agents. EnCognos values high level of security and compliance measures for our operations.



EnCognos approach to BIRA is driven by a customized and client-based technique that allows a combination of skills, technologies, practices and investigation, tailored fit to provide bases for critical decision-making, insights for business planning, and reporting solutions for measuring performance.

EnCognos BIRA’s competitive gains assure partners of innovative comprehensions through data and statistical methods, contemporary transformation of raw data to meaningful outputs in creating new business opportunities, convincing predictive modeling in determining the probability of an outcome, and fact-based management in maximizing profit.

EnCognos BIRA’s solutions are geared towards the aspects of highly needed business processes such as:

Business Intelligence

Statistical Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Data Generation, Business Performance Assessment, Industry Analysis, Competitive Matrices, Management Science, Online Analytical Processing

Commercial Analytics

Financial Services, Fraud, Marketing, Pricing, Retail and Sales, Risk and Credit, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Positioning Strategies, Branding

Behavioral Analytics

Consumer Behavior, Cohort, Talent Management, Human Capital and Investment, Usage Trends and Preferences, Purchase habits, Customer dynamics

Research and Development

New product development, applied and customized researches, secondary researches, operations research, business process design, industrial designed intelligence


EnCognos integrates advanced solutions to address legal processing needs of its client partners. This solution aims for efficient and secured extraction and interpretation of critical legal documents and components.

Lease Abstraction

Clients, property owners, property managers and tenants can conveniently and securely access vital real estate provisions and agreements in digital format through this EnCognos solution. EnCognos can also help them in the analysis, interpretation and extraction of financial information, key contract dates, landlord and tenant rights, obligations and options.

Lease Advisory

EnCognos' subject matter experts can provide managed services not only for transforming real estate documents to digital format but also providing analysis, advisory and recommendations to mitigate risks and secure success of your real estate business.

Legal Process Outsourcing

EnCognos also offers competitive pricing for providing legal support services, which help our client partners feel secured and protected in their businesses.

Legal Research

EnCognos is confident that the legal support services it can provide is personalized, responsive, well-researched, and exceptional, true to EnCognos' mission and values.


EnCognos offers the following end-to-end Insurance Support Services:

Insurance Application Processing and Underwriting Support

Data Capture, Recording and Filing, Commissions/Finance, Licensing and Contracting, Client Services

Claims Adjudication and Processing
(Accident & Health and Property & Casualty)

Adjudication, Submission, Logging, Multinational Claims, Domestic Scanning and Indexing centers, Multilingual Specialists

Customer Service

Inbound/Outbound Call Center, Non-voice Customer Support, 24*7/ After Office Hours Support

Actuarial Support Services

Data Cleansing and Geocoding, Reserving and Preparing Loss Triangles, Price monitoring, Roll-up Reports to the Risk Boards, Event Coverage, Peer Analysis, Capital Modeling, Data Analysis

EnCognos provides flexible delivery model with our off-shore, on-shore, on-site/in-house or hybrid multi-location centers.




Medical Billing

“Let us take care of your billing, 
so that you can take care of your patients”

EnCognos provides a professional, expert medical billing, collection 
and administrative services for medical practitioners, we ensures that the 
healthcare provider is compensated for their services. 


  • Improve your cash flow
  • Eliminate medical billing headaches
  • Collect more money faster
  • Reduce staffing liabilities
  • Reduce payer denials
  • Reduce errors
  • Focus on patient care not billing
  • Efficient, accurate and complete data exchange
  • Electronic claims submission and remittance 
  • Aggressive Account Receivable follow up and 
    insurance collections, payment postings 
  • Full or Partial Billing Services
  • Account Receivable Audits & Collections
  • Aggressive Insurance Collections
  • Billing Organization
  • Claims Follow-up
  • Electronic Claims Resubmission
  • Patient Billing & Collections
  • Payment Posting
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
  • Provide Temporary Staffing Assistance

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Encognos would like to promote the concept of a partnership of 
insurance companies, physicians, clinics and hospitals in deploying a 
basic framework for an electronic medical records system. 
An EMR is more 
beneficial than paper records because it allows providers to:

  • Track data over time
  • Identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings
  • Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as
    vaccinations and blood pressure readings
  • Improve overall quality of care in practice
  • Contain a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory and test results






EnCognos offers Finance & Accounting services to businesses around the globe:

General Accounting

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Bank Account Reconciliation


Travel & Entertainment

Procurement Support





Property Accounting, Investor Reporting, Lease Administration,

Products and Services

Contract Abstraction, Lease Administration, Investor Reporting, CAM Reconciliation

Other Services

Document Management

Document/Image Capture, Optical Character Recognition, Indexing

Information Services

Research Support, Data Aggregation





Residential Services


Residential mortgage production and servicing support

Products and Services

Loan Origination, Loan Processing

Document Management

Document/Image Capture, Optical Character Recognition, Indexing

Information Services

Research Support, Data Aggregation




EnCognos aims to deliver end-to-end reframing solutions with a comprehensive range of contact center and BPO services including but not limited to:

Customer Care - Voice & Non Voice

Equipped with a technical platform, both voice and non voice customer service delivery channels are provided to cover the varying needs of our customers and keep customers engaged and satisfied. Associates are well-experienced, skilled at conflict resolution, empowered to exceed your customer’s expectations and trained to become your brand advocates.

Sales - Inbound & Outbound

EnCognos empowers your Marketing and Sales Team by upselling opportunities performed with Inbound and Outbound functions. We aim to create real customer and sales value at every customer touch point. We ensure that intensive product and sales training are implemented to meet sales targets.

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